How it all began...

Polugar Bar is a gastronomic bar opened by a private distillery that specializes in the production of historic drinks.

Ilya Rodionov, co-owner of the Polugar brand, arrived in Minsk for a short while, but he liked the city so much that he literally fell in love with it at first sight. He decided that it was here that his bar should appear.

The Polugar bar is a very special place. It is in the heart of Minsk and moves with it in one rhythm. Polugar lives to the beat of the city, to the beat of funky music, following freedom and unbridled entertainment.

Perhaps this is one of the most groovy and extraordinary bars in the center of Minsk.

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The main brand of the company is Polugar. This concept was once lost. It means the correct measure of strength, when only half of the drink is left during burning.
Want to taste your name? In the Polugar Bar each letter is tied to a special drink. You can drink any word and then go alphabetically and try the tastes of all the letters.

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A cuisine that Andre Michelin would appreciate
The Polugar Bar recreates the long-forgotten traditions and culture of drinking historical drinks, specially selected for each dish.
Only in our bar you can sing in chorus!
We patented a new karaoke format and called it choraoke: more than 20 microphones in the hall sound simultaneously. Absolutely every guest can take part in the performance.

In combination with the professional BOSE speaker system, the modern AST karaoke machine and the really crazy staff, the recreation becomes many times brighter, the "liquid words" filling the gaps between singing and heartfelt conversations also help a lot.
Our team
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Address: MINSK,
Working hours: daily from 18:00 to 4:00
Phone: +375 29 144 41 42